Crixás Project – DNPM 860.807/2016


Our mineral right DNPM 860.807/2016 is located in the municipalities of Crixás and Uirapuru, state of Goiás, in Brazil. Crixás was founded in the 18th century by pioneers searching for gold. Today, Crixás has 15,000 inhabitants, and its municipality is home to the some of the largest gold operations in Brazil, with large gold mines and projects from AngloGold Ashanti and Cleveland Mining. According to publicly available information, the AngloGold Ashanti operations in Crixás encompass three underground and two open-pit mines. Production of over 4 million ounces of gold has occurred from these mines, and more than 3 million ounces remain; the 2015 annual yield was 132,000 ounces of gold.


Our mineral right DNPM 860.807/2016 has a surface area of 1,993.02 hectares (approximately 4,925 acres).


The coordinates of DNPM 860.807/2016 are as follows (using SIRGAS2000):

Latitude Longitude
-14°17’33”849 -49°52’32”642
-14°17’49”893 -49°52’32”642
-14°17’49”893 -49°52’32”633
-14°17’49”894 -49°52’32”633
-14°17’49”894 -49°51’50”935
-14°18’54”969 -49°51’50”935
-14°18’54”969 -49°50’44”160
-14°18’33”817 -49°50’44”160
-14°18’33”817 -49°50’19”172
-14°17’58”023 -49°50’19”172
-14°17’58”023 -49°49’54”151
-14°17’36”871 -49°49’54”151
-14°17’36”871 -49°49’37”472
-14°20’08”484 -49°49’37”472
-14°20’08”484 -49°52’32”711
-14°18’49”229 -49°52’32”711
-14°18’49”229 -49°53’09”593
-14°17’33”849 -49°53’09”593
-14°17’33”849 -49°52’32”642



Geological Justification

The area of our mineral right DNPM 860.807/2016 is located on the contact between the greenstone belt that hosts the > 7 million ounces of gold orebody mined by Anglo Gold Ashanti, and older gneisses. The area has potential for primary mineralization, but the main target for Brazil Minerals is the significant extension of alluvial sediments from the two most important creeks draining the Crixás orebody, the Vermelho and Antas Creek, that run over 2.2 miles inside the area. The deposit lies around 18 miles upstream from the area, which means that the alluvial sediments detected by remote sensing should be mineralized in gold.

Our chief geologist Rodrigo Mello worked in the region for over one year, prospecting extensions of the Crixás mineralization for AngloAmerican. Supported by senior geologist Jose Francescatto, we believe that our team is fully capable to develop gold exploration in this area.

Exploration Plan

As the main focus of the exploration for this area is to search for alluvial sediments rich in gold, Jupiter Gold plans to drill regular holes over terraces at the banks of the Vermelho River and Antas Creek. A Banka drill will be used for this, drilling from surface to bedrock, which usually represents holes with less than ten meters of extension. A 200-meter grid will be used initially, followed by fill in holes, at 100 meters spacing and 50 meters spacing, depending on results. Samples will be collected at each 1 meter at prospective intervals and sent for analysis (FA-AA) by a commercial laboratory in Belo Horizonte. The drilling will be complemented by a geophysical survey using GPR (Ground Penetration Radar) in order to better define the bedrock of the sediments. Metallurgical tests will complement the work, testing the recovery by centrifuges and other methods.

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