Greater Itabira Project – DNPM 831.942/2016


Our mineral right DNPM 831.942/2016 crosses into the municipalities of Dionisio, Marliéria, e São Domingos do Prata, all in the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. These municipalities are within the greater Itabira area. Itabira is a city with 108,000 people, and is part of the “Quadrilátero Ferrífero” (“Iron Quadrangle”), roughly a geographical quadrangle in shape with the largest iron mines in Brazil and underground gold mines.


Our mineral right DNPM 831.942/2016 has a surface area of 1,889.51 hectares (approximately 4,669 acres).


The coordinates of DNPM 831.942/2016 are as follows (using SIRGAS2000):

Latitude Longitude
-19°46’15”600 -42°49’22”800
-19°46’55”200 -42°49’22”800
-19°46’55”200 -42°48’21”600
-19°49’19”200 -42°48’21”600
-19°49’19”200 -42°49’22”800
-19°49’40”800 -42°49’22”800
-19°49’40”800 -42°50’02”400
-19°49’01”200 -42°50’02”400
-19°49’01”200 -42°50’27”600
-19°46’15”600 -42°50’27”600
-19°46’15”600 -42°49’22”800



Other Information

Our mineral right DNPM 831.942/2016 is located within the well-known area in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil called the “Iron Quandrangle”. This region, known for both iron and gold mining, has excellent logistics and is also close to the state’s capital, Belo Horizonte. The closest larger city to this new claim is Itabira. Geological formations in the Iron Quadrangle are rich and highly complex; gold mines usually begin as open-sky alluvial operations and later advance underground following primary gold deposits. Several companies have operated gold mines within the Iron Quandrangle, notably AngloGold Ashanti and Jaguar Mining.


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